Public Speaking

I love connecting with groups who are interested in expanding their perspective.  

I've had the honor of speaking at many different venues including: 

  • Churches
  • Spiritual Centers
  • LGBTQ Conferences
  • Healthy Living Conventions
  • Charity Events

My talks are designed to inspire audiences to connect to the highest vision of their life.  I speak about transcending limiting thoughts and beliefs so that we can experience the freedom and joy of living IN purpose.

If you'd like more information on inviting me to your Spiritual center, church or up-coming event/conference - please email Alison Deyette,


"It's a rare combination to find sincerity, humor, spirituality, and raw transparency in this world, but that's exactly what you'll experience when Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan takes your stage. He engages audiences with truth, hope, and lessons of reality that inspire, motivate, and awaken possibility. Bring him into your world and your world will be better for the words and experience he delivers."​​

Rick Clemons
 Inside Out Quests/ TEDx Speaker