7 Blessings

Transformational Blessings To Inspire Peace, Grace, and Creativity.

These powerful affirmative blessings support you in aligning your heart and mind; inspiring feelings of excitement, joy, and purpose whenever they are read or recited out loud.


I encourage you to say these blessings with as much enthusiasm as possible. Allow the emotional vibes to lift you up and align you with high-frequency creative energy. This is what we call "getting in the flow".


There are 7 blessings, so you can focus on a different one each day of the week or recite them all every day - whenever you could use a boost.


I have different blessings taped the mirror in my room so I remember to say them as I'm getting ready for my day - they help remind me that I choose what kind of day I'm going to experience.


My peace of mind is my job - it's up to me to choose LOVE. Thank God for tools like these that help me remember that I have a choice.


Download the pdf's and print them out or copy the template into your journal for daily use. 

Thanks for taking the time to do these practices.


The more we commit to doing inner-work the more harmony we'll see on the planet.



In other words - YOU ROCK and I'm grateful for you!

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