Hello there, I'm Jesse Brune-Horan!

I don't believe in coincidences... 

In fact I know everything happens for a reason.

The Reason: To help us wake up to who we truly are so we can do what we're here to do!

So, it seems we're supposed to connect!

Which is good news because I LOVE meeting other folks who are committed to In-Joying their life.

Let me tell you a bit about myself...

In 2010 I did something that most of my friends thought was totally nuts. Along with my friend and spiritual teacher, I launched a a spiritual community that supports LGBTQ+ people and allies go within and allow miracles to flow through their life. I didn't know where it would lead but felt a strong desire to move in this direction.

Five years later I left a successful career in television to place my full attention on this work. Inspire Spiritual Community reaches people all over the world, empowers and trains emerging spiritual teachers and leaders, and offers in-person services every Sunday in Los Angeles. I feel blessed to have been part of something that makes a loving impact in the lives of so many. 


Today, I teach classes, offer spiritual coaching/counseling, officiate weddings and events, and mentor thought-leaders and visionaries all over the globe. I LOVE my work and feel inspired in my career.


I wasn't sure where the path was taking me but learned that when I move in a direction that feels inspiring and fun ... I'm always exactly where I want to be. I'm happy and grateful that I get to share what I've learned with others who are ready to bring their vision to life.

... plus - it's fun to walk the path with friends.

Here's a few things to explore while you're here...

If you're like me, then you like to keep it simple.

When you sign up for my mailing list - I send the inspiration to you.

Can't get more simple than that!

Some of the  greatest adventures start when you say YES!!

So please, check out the site - there's plenty of good

soul food to chew on.  

And here's to the start of a new friendship!

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