Jesse Brune-Horan

spiritual teacher | chef | dad



I'm Jesse Brune-Horan.

I'm a modern mystic, kitchen ninja, and it's my bliss teaching others fun and useful ways to in-joy their life.


A spiritual student and teacher, Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, podcaster, TV host, and dad - my jam is spreading LOVE one recipe, episode, blog, and dirty diaper at a time.



Plug In | Spiritual Tools

Inspiration & Resources For Today's Spiritual Adventurer

Inspiration, tips, & tools for spiritual students.

Get the support you deserve in a private online session with me.

Monthly gatherings and resources for spiritually-minded LGBTQ+ folks & allies.

I'm on a mission to find new thought leaders, spiritual teachers, activists, and artists making powerful impacts locally and globally. 

Each episode features an interview with someone demonstrating what's possible when you lead with LOVE. 


Learn what compassion, courage, and imagination can accomplish.


Ready to unleash the visionary in you?


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FREE Downloadable Material

Deepen your daily practice with the help of these super-charged spiritual tools and practices.

Game-changing writing practices that focus your mind and open your heart.

Transformational blessings that inspire peace, grace, and prosperity. One for each day of the week.

A powerful process to release resentment, blame, and shame so you can be FREE.



Public Speaking

  • High Energy | Heart Centered Messages that Inspire & Motivate - Appropriate for Professional & Private Events.

  • Spiritual Teachings Specifically Designed for Your Congregation.

  • Messages of Empowerment for Social Justice Rallies and Peace Gatherings.

  • Group Meditation Instruction & Practice.




It's my joy to walk through life's most cherished moments with you. I officiate weddings and other ceremonies that help us celebrate and make sacred the sweetest things in life. 


I can help you design the wedding ceremony, create vows from the heart, and offer couple's counseling to help you prepare for the big day and beyond.


When you have this kind of support, you'll feel clear, confident, and heart-centered every step of the way.

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