Write A Daily "Success" List

Every morning I write a success list. In no particular order, I put down everything I accomplished the day before and mark it as a success. This exercise reminds me that I'm always moving forward. Even if I didn't get everything done that I had planned on, when I write the list I'm reminded that no day is ever wasted.

The purpose of the success list is to recognize EVERYTHING - not just the "big" stuff. Some items that appear on my list are: Went to the gym for an hour (success!), Returned 3 emails (success!), Ate a healthy lunch (success!), Meditated and prayed (success!), Took the dog on a long walk (success!), Came up with a great idea for workshop (success!). No matter how insignificant you think a task might be, put it down as a success on your list.

In doing this practice you become aware of how much you actually do in a day. There's a lot that goes into living life and you deserve to be acknowledged for all you do. When I think everything that goes into running errands in Los Angeles, I'm reminded that I absolutely deserve to be acknowledged for my efforts.

The list also helps you prioritize self-care. It's easy to feel like you're wasting time by going grocery shopping, taking time to exercise, and sitting in meditation. When I started holding these things in my mind as items for the success list, it helped me recognize their value - they were supporting me in building the "BIG Picture".

Now my life is a series of successes. The more successful I feel, the more fun I have. Every task I do is an opportunity to succeed. I've never felt more accomplished.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a Spiritual teacher and happy living expert. He's the co-founder & Spiritual director of Inspire Spiritual Community, a non-profit organization supporting the LGBTQ+ community. He's the host of the podcast "LGBTQ+ and Spiritual", and co-host of the lifestyle series "Super Easy with Jesse and Alison." He lives and Loves in Los Angeles with his husband Christopher and their family.

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