The "Giving & Receiving" Myth

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I'm not sure when the belief "it's better to give than to receive" surfaced in the collective consciousness but it's time to let it go. To receive is to give and vice versa. One is not better than the other and both are essential in expressing true abundance.

Deflecting the generosity of others is saying NO to the gifts the Universe is laying at your feet. We're all one and spirit works through each of us. When I finally understood this I realized prosperity flows to me through many channels. Spirit working through my employer/client paid my salary. There are no coincidences which means it's never been a random act to find money on the sidewalk or to get an unexpected check in the mail.

I acknowledge the good in my life with gratitude, mindfully thanking the channel that delivered it into my life. It's a way of reminding myself that God is active in all things.

It's an act of generosity to receive. Every time we give it's an affirmation of our abundance; we give because we can. When you accept what someone is offering you, it's giving them the chance to express abundantly. What's the value in denying this opportunity?

You actually create blocks in the flow of prosperity when you refuse to receive.

Some folks shy away from receiving the generosity of others out of a warped sense of humility. False humility is a byproduct of the belief that you're on your own, separate from perfect Love. Being unworthy of praise, you deflect compliments and turn away the gifts of others. Some would call this being humble; I call it nonsense.

We are children of the Divine and it's our job to shine - it's what we're designed to do.

To give and receive are one. We receive as a way to acknowledge our worthiness and to in-joy the radically abundant nature of the Universe. In doing so we give our brothers and sisters the opportunity to express their abundance, affirming that they too have the divine mandate to shine.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a spiritual teacher and happy living expert. He's the co-founder and spiritual director of Inspire Spiritual Community. Over the last decade he's given hundreds of teachings, workshops, and classes on spiritual living.

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