Making Room For Something New

The March equinox marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. There are celebrations all around the world to usher in longer days as we peel off the blanket of winter and embrace the warmth of spring. Trees and flowers prepare to blossom along with a shared sense of new possibility.

As we organically turn our attention towards renewal, it's a great time to get clear on what you'd like to blossom in your life. Lean into the collective energy and get support manifesting your heart's desire. Even nature is playing the game, so why not take advantage of this creatively fertile time?

In order to enjoy the new, it helps to make room by letting go of things taking up space in your life. "Spring Cleaning" is a ritual that makes us take a look at the dirt and clutter in our home and then do something about it. This concept can apply literally (it's so satisfying and helpful when we clear out our physical living space) and metaphorically.

If you feel like it's time to get the body in shape, it's useful to address the current habits that make you feel unhealthy. It's challenging to drop pounds while on a high sugar diet. If you let go of the old patterns and integrate a healthier diet, you'll see new results. This concept can be applied to most anything. If you'd like more money, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your current job and spending habits so you can create a budget that increases your financial flow.

Around this time each year, I do a "Death Ceremony". Don't be thrown off by the title, it's actually fun and really helpful. Reserve some time where you (and friends if you'd like) can have a quiet space, undisturbed for an hour. Compose a list of the habits, beliefs, and situations that you're ready and willing to release as part of your commitment to experience something new this year. Be thorough. When you feel complete, dispose of the list, allowing all the items to dissolve and disappear from your life. Ripping the list into small pieces and throwing it away is plenty effective. I've put shards of paper in the garbage disposal while running water.

When the list is gone forever, sit quietly and visualize all the new experiences you're welcoming into your life. Invite the positive emotions aligned with your vision to come out and play. Rest in the loving energy and exciting possibilities. When you feel complete, conclude the ceremony by writing a lengthy gratitude list as if everything you've called into existence has already manifested. A fun approach to the gratitude exercise is pretending it's one year in the future and you're writing a letter to a friend, unabashedly sharing all the amazing things that transpired in the year. The more fun you have the better, playfulness will always accelerate your manifestation process.

It takes courage to identify the things cluttering your life and let them go, but the benefits are worth it. Thorough housekeeping is a vital step in manifesting something new and inspiring, otherwise you'll find yourself with the seeds of great intentions that don't have the proper space to blossom and grow.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a spiritual teacher and happy living expert. He's the co-founder and spiritual director of Inspire Spiritual Community. Over the last decade he's given hundreds of teachings, workshops, and classes on spiritual living.

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