Public Speaking

Public Speaking

I love empowering people, organizations, and students to expand their possibilities by trying a new approach. 

My talks combine personal stories, teachings, and insights so everyone can relate and apply what I'm sharing to their own lives.

Since 2006, I've had the honor of sharing my experience and expertise all over the country. I've given hundreds of uplifting and inspirational talks at spiritual centers, universities, social justice movements, corporate retreats, and LGBTQ+ pride stages.


I regularly participate in inter-faith panel discussions on LGBTQ+ social issues and spirituality as well as facilitating conflict resolution conversations for non-profit boards and corporations. 


I proudly serve on the LGBTQ+ advisory council for the LA Sheriff's Department. 

I craft each talk specifically for the group I am serving. Each public speaking engagement is fresh and catered specifically for the client. I can speak to a variety of topics and always explore the common threads of experience that all people share, making my talks relatable to a broad audience. 

We celebrate the individual's experience while exploring the truths that connect us all.

Let's dive in!

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