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7 days of guided meditations, practices, and other inspiration delivered to your inbox.


Plug Into Something Big...

If you're ready to:

  1. Remove the blocks that keep you feeling stuck and frustrated

  2. Reignite your purpose and passion so you can create something inspired and meaningful

  3. Have FUN while achieving your goals 

  4. Develop and/or deepen your spiritual practice

Then get your reboot on!

These are all tools that I use on the regular to support me in my daily practice. I've also included helpful tips to make this process feel easier.

Be amazed at the difference 7 days can make!

Reboot   Renew   Reignite 

Start your spiritual reboot today!

Jesse's teachings have helped me immensely move toward joy as my most important role in expressing myself as a spiritual being.

Brandon Kneefel

TV personality/author/activist

If you're seeking a spiritual experience of love, you've found the right place.  Jesse shares spiritual truths with great insights that will inspire, empower and encourage you to live your best life!

Alfreda Lanoix

spiritual teacher/author

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