The Lists

Three Simple Writing Exercises To Focus The Mind, Open The Heart and Manifest Miracles.

I do this practice every day because it works!


What we pay attention to grows. These lists help you focus your mind on what you're truly interested in experiencing. By focusing your attention on exciting possibilities and existing blessings, you can harness the creative power of the Universe and design a life that feels inspiring and fun! 


I strongly suggest you do these practices when you wake up (obviously after or during your first cup of coffee). It will set the tone for the rest of your day. But don't stop there - use the lists whenever you could use a "lift".

They really work!

Expect miracles and you'll experience miracles.



Download the pdf's and print them out or copy the template into your journal for daily use. 

I LOVE that you're saying "YES!" to peace!


The more we feel at peace, the more peace will express on the planet.


Thanks for doing your part!

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