Weddings & Sacred Vows Ceremonies

It's my joy to walk with you through life's most precious moments.  I love officiating weddings and commitment ceremonies, it's such a special experience and I'm happy to be of service.

I have a mandatory policy of meeting with the couple at least twice before the ceremony, though I recommend three times.  In addition to going over the ceremony, reviewing the vows and ring exchange - this gives the couple an opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts as the "Big Day" approaches.

My husband and I remain thankful to the minister that officiated our wedding.  She helped us create a strong foundation to build our marriage upon.  I do my best to provide the same service as an officiant.

This is your moment - it should be what you'd like it to be!  I'm not here to tell you how to do it, I'm simply here to be of service and help you navigate through this exciting experience.

Rate: $1000.00

(+ travel expenses if outside the LA area)

Includes: 3 60-minute private sessions & ceremony

My Wedding Officiated By Rev. Jennifer Hadley, February 2014

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